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TreeCat Rescue is made possible by Canopy Climbers, LLC. Located in Gainesville, Florida, Canopy Climbers provides safe, year-round recreational tree-climbing adventures for outdoor enthusiasts and vertical-adventure seekers.



TreeCat Rescue Report: Mika

Who: "Mika"
What: Stuck in a Cedar tree for 1 day
Where: Gainesville, FL
Rescue Date: 4.27.13
Rescue Climber: Danny Lyons

Mika, jumper.

Yesterday, Scott called out of concern about his female tuxedo cat "Mika," who was stuck in a tree. She is 9 months old and was adopted as a feral kitten. She had not been outside ever since the adoption many months ago. I showed up and saw a motionless, silent cat about 14 feet up a Cedar tree. There was a huge Water oak that was growing above which is where I would establish an anchor.
I put up a climbing line and started to climb towards Mika. She was not meowing at all, which is a bad sign for trying to rescue a cat. As I got close to Mika, she quickly moved to another big Water oak nearby. I immediately realized Mika is a master climber.

I put up a second climbing line and slowly snuck up behind her. I put on the glove-bag and reached for the scruff of her neck. I grabbed her only to have her hiss and explode like the Tasmanian devil. She was airborne in the blink of an eye.

In an instant, Mika became my first official "jumper," flying over my head and onto the soft grass almost 20 feet below in the neighbor’s yard. She frantically ran around the fenced-in yard looking for an escape, only to climb a small bushy tree next to the house. Scott and I tried to get her out of that tree, but she found her way onto the neighbor’s roof. The endeavor to capture Mika seemed futile.

It was clear; Mika's feral nature was a major obstacle in getting her home safely. She wanted nothing to do with anyone.  She stayed on the roof for 10 minutes, but like a phantom, she belly-crawled off the roof and effortlessly floated over a six-foot tall fence. She disappeared completely.

I was disappointed I couldn't be of more help. I was able to get a hand on her in the tree, but her explosive flight reaction thwarted my efforts. I told Scott to be hopeful, Mika would likely return home. “She knows where her home is,” I said. He replied, “You got so close.”

Today, I got a call from Scott. He left the garage open overnight. When he opened the door leading to the garage, Mika ran inside. Scott said Mika was her old self again, showing affection, eating well and enjoying the lounge chair in the screened porch with her older sibling, Toki Doki.

Mika, jumper, was finally home safely.

[I didn’t have a working helmet camera for this TreeCat Rescue, so here is a photo of Mika at home. Photo by Scott].


Kitty, Gena and Dotty
Mika, enjoying the screen porch after her tree-climbing misadventure.

kitty in a tree
Mika and Toki Doki, her older sibling, relaxing together.

Please Note: TreeCat Rescue services include treetop cat rescue only.

We do not shelter domestic or stray cats and we are not an animal rehabilitation service.

All photographs © Danny Lyons, unless otherwise credited.

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