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TreeCat Rescue is made possible by Canopy Climbers, LLC. Located in Gainesville, Florida, Canopy Climbers provides safe, year-round recreational tree-climbing adventures for outdoor enthusiasts and vertical-adventure seekers.



TreeCat Rescue Report: BooBoo-SugarBear

Who: "BooBoo" and/or "Sugar Bear" (he has 2 names) :)
What: Stuck in a Live Oak for 4 days, surrounded by cows
Where: Worthington Springs, FL
Rescue Date: 11.14.11
Rescue Climber: Danny Lyons

Sugar Bear climbed into a huge Live Oak tree in a farmer's field and got stuck. For several days, Sugar Bear's owners, Iliana and Roy could hear him meowing and calling for help from their home accross the street. They were worried sick about him. They tried to get Sugar Bear down by using a 24 foot ladder, but he was simply too high up in the tree. They left food as high up as they could reach, but Sugar Bear couldn't descend to it.

After rescuing Percy, I jumped into the truck and headed to Worthington Springs and met up with Roy. He jumped in the truck and we drove to the farmer's house across the street. The farmer met us and opened the gate to the field and also jumped in the back of the truck. Flanked by curious cows, the 3 of us drove through the field towards the huge Live Oak in which Sugar Bear was stuck.

Kitty, Gena and Dotty
Sugar Bear's location where he was stuck, about 50 feet high.

Once we got close to the tree, Sugar Bear started to meow. He was eager to get down. He is a big cat, probably 15-17 lbs., and probably very hungry and thirsty.

I quickly set up my anchor that would take me right to Sugar Bear's safe place where 3 huge branches come together. After setting up my climbing line, I climbed to about 45 feet, almost level with Sugar Bear. But he was way out on a huge limb about 20 feet away. I was really hoping I wouldn't have to go after him, because we only had another 45 minutes of sunlight left in the day.

After calling him a few times and adjusting my position to get closer, Sugar Bear walked right to me. I pet him for a minute to reassure him. I got a firm grip on his neck scruff and pulled him right into the bag. "The cat's in the bag!" I yelled down to the Roy and the farmer. "Great!" they said. Sugar Bear was a heavy, quiet ball of fur in the bag. He seemed happy to be out of the tree.

kitty in a tree
Roy holding Sugar Bear in the bag.

I descended with Sugar Bear in the bag. I handed the bag to Roy who walked over to his house and let him free in his yard. When Roy returned, he joked about how Sugar Bear will need to live in the tree if he ever gets stuck in it again. After packing up the gear, I went over to meet Sugar Bear in their yard to take these photos.

kitty in a tree
Sugar Bear back on the ground and safe in his own yard.

Many thanks to Iliana and Roy for sending two photos of Sugar Bear!

kitty in a tree
Sugar Bear crashed out and catching up on some sleep the day after his rescue. Thanks to Iliana and Roy for this photo!

kitty in a tree
Sugar Bear safe in his own yard. Thanks to Iliana and Roy for this photo!

Please Note: TreeCat Rescue services include treetop cat rescue only.

We do not shelter domestic or stray cats and we are not an animal rehabilitation service.

All photographs © Danny Lyons, unless otherwise credited.

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