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Want to Experience the Adventure of Climbing Trees?

TreeCat Rescue is made possible by Canopy Climbers, located in Gainesville, Florida. Canopy Climbers provides safe, year-round recreational tree-climbing adventure events and also tree-climbing instruction and courses.



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TreeCat Rescue gets calls from all over the country. However, our service area is ALACHUA COUNTY, FL. If you are not located in Alachua County, FL, first try to find help locally by visiting If you cannot find a cat rescuer in this directory, please contact a local tree-care company or Arborist in your area.

Please be advised, without exception, before we can provide service, the following requirements must be fulfilled:

1. The service fee must be paid in advance.
2. The cat owner and property owner of the tree must complete and sign a TCR Liability Waiver (Click here to download & print the TCR Waiver).
3. The owner of the cat must be present to take possession of the TreeCat.

TreeCat Rescue Services

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For More Information About:

✓ TCR Services
✓ Our Safe Climbing System
✓ Our Service Fee
✓ How To Pre-Pay on PayPal
✓ The TCR Liability Waiver

Helpful questions to answer before contacting us:

-Your cat is stuck in what kind of tree? For example, is it a Pine tree, Oak tree or another species?

-What is the approximate diameter of the tree trunk? How tall is the tree? How high up is your TreeCat?

-Are there power lines, fences or other hazards under or near the tree? If so, how close are they to the tree?

-Is the tree located on property you own? If not, do you have permission from the owner of the property to allow us to climb the tree?

Contact TreeCat Rescue

TreeCat Rescue serves all of Alachua & Marion Counties, most of North-Central Florida and sometimes well beyond.

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Please Note: TreeCat Rescue services include treetop cat rescue only.

We do not shelter domestic or stray cats and we are not an animal rehabilitation service.

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