We sincerely thank all of the kind folks and adorable cats we've met through the years, rescuing cats who sometimes got stuck in trees. We will continue to advocate for cats, and their well-being, but we are taking an indefinite hiatus from aerial tree-top cat rescues. Therefore, we will no longer be available to reply to your emails and calls. We thank you for your understanding.

If you have a cat stuck in a tree, please refer to this "Cat-In-A-Tree Emergency Directory" [CLICK HERE]. This website is run by another independent group of cat-in-a-tree rescuers and it is *not* run by TCR. They may or may not keep the site up and current, we simply have no way of verifying it. But we are confident they do their best to connect those in need of help, to those who are ready, able and willing to help. For the time being, we gladly place it here as a public service, and for your convenience.

If you cannot find a local cat-rescuer on the directory above, we recommend you contact a local tree-care company and/or arborist. Quite often, they have the experience and expertise to help.

We are proud of the work we did, helping cats who were stuck in trees (sometimes stuck for as many as 8-12 days with no water and food) reunite with their families, *safely.*

Thanks to all of you who love cats and work for their well-being. We happily did this work because we love cats and especially because "pets are family."